Wait...you're not going to just leave the Small Business Starter Kit unopened in your inbox, are you? Are you?! 😳

Unfortunately...statistics say you will. 😖

I've had HUNDREDS of well-meaning women ask for my Small Business Starter Kit...

But only a fraction of them actually end up opening the e-mail...

And even fewer actually end up downloading & using it. 😞

In fact...I've had several of the same women ask for it, and when I DM them...

I see that they've already asked me for the Kit a year ago or more. 😩

They could have started their business and been making money already, if they would have just taken the time to go through it! 😥

That's exactly why I decided I *NEEDED* to do something to change this outcome! 🤔

So...I’ve created the Start Your Business 5-Day Workshop + Challenge! 💪🏼

In this workshop + challenge, I'm going to take you through the entire Small Business Starter Kit *personally*...

To make 💯 percent sure you're going to follow through and start your business!

If you’ve been wanting to start your own online business…

But don’t know where to start, or what you could possibly start a business on…

Or you just feel stuck, frozen with indecision, or need some accountability to FINALLY get started (aka, a friendly “kick-in-the-pants”!)… 😅

Then my Start Your Business 5-Day Workshop + Challenge is for you!
👉🏼 You Get INSTANT Access to ALL Workshops AND to ME!

Here’s what we’ll be covering:
Day 1- Strategic Brainstorming: How to brainstorm for business ideas (ones that will *actually be profitable*)…the RIGHT way

Day 2- Nail Your Niche: Considering both industry & personal factors, we’ll nail your niche to narrow down your business options…and so you can focus on attracting your target audience right away

Day 3- Completing the Venture Opportunity Screening Model (VOS): We’ll further narrow down your business options with this academic tool designed to help assess the viability of the business ideas you’re considering

Day 4- Assess the VOS: I’ll help you *make a decision* on which business idea will be the BEST for you, your lifestyle, and your goals

Day 5 (BONUS #1)- Jump-Start Your Audience: The 3 steps to start and grow a warm audience of potential buyers for your new business!

BONUS #2: What your next few steps should be to help get your business off the ground…and making money!

This challenge is unlike any other…it’s not JUST a workshop, where you get pumped with information, leaving you more confused than before…

You will acquire knowledge AND be challenged with simple daily tasks to ensure you reach your ultimate goal of starting your business by the end of the 5 days!

AND you’ll receive actionable steps for what you need to do next to get your business up-and-running!

All this will take place in a private Facebook group where you can get my personal help with each step, and ask me any questions you have along the way!

Sounds good? (Um, heck ya!)

If you *really* want to finally start your own online business…

My Start Your Business 5-Day Workshop + Challenge is what you need!

All sessions are pre-recorded, so you can watch them each at your own convenience.

AND, I will be available inside the private challenge Facebook group for help.

Hey, hey...I'm Jane Daly, MBA!

And I'll be your Business Coach inside my Start Your Business 5-Day Workshop + Challenge! 🎉

A few years ago, I was in corporate hell...stuck in a job I hated, working more hours than I wanted, and not getting nearly enough time with my family. (Sound familiar?) 😩

I decided to quit, to focus on finishing business school and starting my own business...

So I could live my life on my terms, and spend time doing the things I wanted to do.

And I've never looked back! 💃🏼

Since then, I've learned how to get thousands of leads into each of my 2 businesses, and most importantly...SALES!

And best of all...I only work a few hours a day, on MY terms, and around my kids' schedules. 

I'm available for ALL the things that really matter to me...and THAT is PRICELESS!

Now, I want to help as many other women as I can start their own business and find freedom too... 🙌🏼

Whatever that looks like for them.

And the first step, is learning from someone who's done it already.

Someone who has successfully started and grown her own business (2, actually)...

And who can show you exactly how to do it too.

And that's exactly what you get with the Start Your Business 5-Day Workshop + Challenge PLUS bonuses...

Help to finally get your dream business started...

And all the very basics for getting you up and running... 👌🏼

Some people will try to discourage you...

Some people will think it's going to be too hard...

But I promise you...

Starting your own business online is nowhere near as hard as struggling to pay your bills...

It's nowhere near as hard as shift work...

Or working long hours at a desk job that you hate, with a boss you can't stand.

You can absolutely create your own successful business!

And I'm here to help you do it, every step of the way! 💪🏼 

So...Are you ready to finally start your business??

Let my Start Your Business Workshop + Challenge help you start your business today.
Join Today For Just $8 CAD

And Get *INSTANT* Access!
For the price of a latte, you can get my *personal* help, advice, and guidance for 1 whole week...

AND finally start your dream business, making money online YOUR way.

If that doesn’t sound like an incredible, “no-brainer” offer, I don’t know what does! 🤯

(You won't find another offer anywhere to personally help you start your business at this price, I promise!) 
Join Today For Just $8 CAD
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All pre-recorded workshops are immediately available inside the private challenge Facebook group. 

AND, I will be immediately available inside the group to help you, too!

So...what are you waiting for?
Let's get your business started!

2-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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